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from:Yufeng Machine date:2017/6/6 count:864
1, hydraulic machine operations with significantly fewer people, without special dozen raw materials, equipment of continuous operation, with no downtime to stack; greatly reduces the labor intensity, reduce the factory cost.
2, according to the tonnage of the paver hydraulic machine is divided into 150T, 200T. can be customized to larger tonnage.
3, hydraulic machine output color brick brick one-time molding, such as: Spain significantly, blind walking significantly, squares type color, revetment tiles, brick, brick and other bread can immediately palletizer; save space and saves labor and time, to ensure the quality of the products.
4, without pallets, pallet to reduce investment, reduce the finished brick two stacking of labor turnover costs, ensure product quality good, as everyone knows who use the wooden pallet curing after stacking are old type machine, wooden pallet loss cost, high yield and save labor costs.
5, truly high efficiency, low energy consumption, one machine, multi use features
This equipment adopts the guiding mode of humanity, accurate work can ensure good mold parts, the pressure transmission system of molding, molding cycle is shorter, the production efficiency is very high, produced significantly more standard size. Our factory adopts hydraulic machine color machine, electrical and hydraulic integration technology the equipment, cycle stable operation process in operation, molding products more quality and quantity, the rejection rate is low. Our factory equipment can realize the function of production, the use of a machine, only need to replace the color brick with different specifications of the mold can be produced, and the device itself can be manually programmed, more in line with the needs of customers, at the same time can carry out automatic and semi-automatic production. The production efficiency is greatly accelerated.
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