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from:Yufeng Machine date:2017/7/17 count:844
Yufeng machine Block machine in the continuous upgrading, full automation completely replace the manual, is a leader in the industry, is a leader in the market, our equipment is of good quality, high production efficiency, to achieve a multi-purpose machine, produce continuous block specifications, to meet the needs of users, users it is convenient, fast, maximum profit!
1 、use PLC intelligent control and random signal and vibration analysis system, computer interface operation, can realize the best working effect of the machine.
2. The structure is novel, and the body is welded by super steel. The equipment has remarkable performances, reliable working performance and continuous work!
Feeding device 3, material storage: storage machine traditional materials in the hopper, under the influence of aftershocks, some concrete early liquefaction, prolonged feeding time, and increase the difficulty of feeding, and the product intensity error is large, the host using closed belt conveyor, strictly control the small hopper storage materials, do with with the use of.
4 、 forced feeding device: because of the traditional feeding method, it is difficult to uniformly add material to the mold box, which affects the quality of the product. The block machine used in our factory adopts the method of forced feeding, and there are many rows of stirring forks in the mould box. The hopper is sent to the top of the mould box to work with the stirring fork, and the mould box is forced to feed.
5, the unique form of vibration: using computer control hydraulic system pressure and flow, complete vertical synchronous vibration frequency, the brake oil pressure; the use of excess, converting it into vibration, thereby substantially eliminating energy consumption.
6 、 reasonable vibration distribution: the mould box is locked on the vibrating table through the stripping oil cylinder, and the die table is connected with the vibration; the pressure head is additionally provided with a special vibrator, so as to increase the effect of vibration speed. This vibration form allows the concrete to liquefy and exhaust rapidly, enabling the product to achieve high density and high strength.
7, increase the effective work table: as the design uses a variety of new vibration technology, so that the effective vibration molding area increased, for block block formation scale production has laid a solid foundation, greatly improved production efficiency.
8, a machine can be more: all kinds of specifications block, block, support, road along the stone, river brick, revetment brick, square brick, sidewalk brick, to meet market demand, the greatest extent for users to reduce investment risks.
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