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Yufeng QT10-15automatic brick machine is a high-end configuration model of Silver Horse Company. It is implanted with the most advanced technology in the world. The "heart" vibration system of the equipment adopts the patented technology of Silver Horse and fully considers the molding cycle Reasonable matching of various parameters within the material, through the computer control the optimal combination of ratio. Today, I will tell you about what issues need attention in operation.
         First, the automatic brick machine equipment operations, loaded with all the protective cover and bottom cover.
         Second, the machine to be sealed for a long time, the parts should be done anti-corrosion protection, and check once every three months, wipe with gasoline, and oiled from the oil.
         Third, often adhere to the automatic brick machine production equipment cleaning, eradication of automatic brick machine equipment waste, oil, wipe the surface of the machine.
         Fourth, the details of the operation of the customer should carefully read the product manual, read and understand the implementation of the action, the QT10-15automatic brick machine can be used smoothly, give full play to all the superior features of the device, and extend its service life.
         Fifth, check the electrical ground wire to avoid some leakage, shorting and other appearances.
         Six, the main power supply equipment should be used more than 25mm aluminum wire or 16mm above copper. Equipment normal operation input voltage: high voltage 380V-410V, low voltage 330V-360V, the device is necessary to install a solid grounding, to ensure the safety of operators, such as not required device grounding device, easy to form electric shock casualties.
         Seven, brick brick slack, brick body cracked appearance, or off the brick mold with the next mold on the mention, because the pressure on the pressure head is too low; (pressure on the pressure head is too low, you can not locate the brick Resulting in brick slack, should be on the ram cylinder corresponding to the pressure regulator on the individual pressure regulating valve gradually increased in the lifting of the mold with the quietly moving the wrench on the mold, making the pressure cylinder head insisted on the pressure, you can insist The lower mold does not rise with the mold together with the mold, and then reduce the breakage rate of the brick)
         Eight brick-making brick center if found out of belly, because the pressure on the cylinder pressure is too high, or vibrating moment is too short, the mold can not be put in place.
         Nine, followed by the formation of mold, balance arm and the main parts of the various parts of the site appears to open welding or damaged because the pressure under the mold under pressure conditioning is too small; (lower mold under pressure conditioning is too small, the pressure can not be locked under the mold, Resulting in the impact of the mold and the vibrating table is too large, the whole set of equipment parts damaged too large, should be under the care of the fuel tank on the corresponding pressure regulator valve pressure gradually increased until the machine vibration force was stabilized Down, cut the damage to the machine)
         Ten, such as the failure of the regulator, the pressure regulator is due to the pressure spring damage or failure; (Should promptly replace the same type of pressure spring)
Silver Horse automatic brick production equipment, a high degree of automation, production of high quality products, good density, is a rare environmentally friendly building materials production equipment, so be sure to carefully use, so as to get greater benefits

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