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Cement block machine equipment prices vary greatly, although the market appeared above the new brick machine a lot, but in terms of fundamentals in fact, the difference is not large, resulting in brick machine equipment price differences for many reasons, the price of raw materials. Steel is the main raw material for brick machine equipment, so the level of domestic steel prices directly affect the price of brick equipment market. If the price of steel in China is still at a rising stage last year, the price of brick equipment will also rise. At this time need to buy brick equipment, customers must consider the manufacturers give the offer. If the price is significantly lower than the market average, indicating that product quality is certainly not off, after all, businesses will not lose money trading. Manufacturing costs. Brick machine equipment size, production parameters are also the main factors affecting the price. When buying according to the actual situation of enterprises choose the right size.
The same specifications of brick equipment to understand more than the price of several suppliers, shop around three will not be cheated by the informal vendors. Production technology, high-tech products, the sales price is naturally expensive. Understand the composition of the entire structure of cement brick brick machine in order to better use of brick bricks made of cement. Cement block machineall the components are playing an important role. At the same time the use of each part are unique. So what exactly brick cement brick is composed of what part? Mechanical production of brick bricks, the main structure of the following components: The fabric is mainly used to feed the material in the silo into the mold; the main force of the rack equipment support components and withstand brick molding Of the pressing force; silo is mainly used to store materials; pressure head is mainly used for the molding equipment pressure, in addition to work in the role of mold release; Side of the plate for the two parts, this part is also equipped with a scraper and coated with institutions. Lifting table is mainly drag the role of brick and vibration, the rise used to shape the brick, the descent is used to drag out the molding brick; control cabinet is mainly used to install the equipment control system; Brick delivery frame is mainly used to cement Brick brick workbench forming brick sent.
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