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Grass planting brick machine factory to open a factory first need a complete set of useful grass brick machine production equipment. For planting grass brick machine purchase, many buyers still do not quite understand. Some customers at the time of purchase, usually want to understand the relevant working principle, that brick pressure reached the production of brick strength can be achieved. Can not say that such issues are not concerned about, but to buy the right grass brick plant preparation these issues are not the point.
   Breeding brick machine production mainly rely on pressure to shape, common can produce standard brick, the pressure can reach more than 100 tons. Grass brick brick used in brick products require greater pressure, on the one hand, good or bad depends on the quality of the equipment, production technology, raw materials, quality assurance and good maintenance equipment will be longer service life. Then brick production brick pass rate and reach the level. Good equipment, high pass rate, saving raw materials, virtually saved a lot of costs.

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   Yufeng grass brick brick making use of solid waste of various materials plant grass brick, not only can be based on local conditions comprehensive utilization of solid waste, effectively protect water and land resources, control of environmental pollution. But also turning waste into treasure to create a very substantial economic benefits, in line with the current urban and rural construction, landscaping needs.
   Yufeng grass brick machine full use of PLC computer control system, with the user color interface for 11-inch touch screen, the use of advanced configuration software as a technical support platform so that the operator on the touch screen dynamic simulation of the machine Operation process, and can be adjusted to display the cycle of molding products, online adjustment of the exciting force of the size of the products to achieve the best quality. The equipment to replace the mold can produce a variety of sizes of hollow block, standard brick, curb, permeable brick to achieve a multi-purpose machine, and the production of grass brick can be widely used in municipal, landscape engineering, road laying , Can change the city's ecological environment, protect water and soil from being lost. Professional engineers on-site inspection verdict, design and production, the late test machine can enter the normal production of success, the buyer do a good job in late maintenance, timely inspection equipment safety, can produce qualified products. Improve the technical team to buy grass brick brick machine Silver Horse intelligent brick machine will be your best choice.


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