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from:Yufeng Machine date:2018/5/7 count:653
Curbstone making machine, which is produced by road along the stone machine, as an indispensable accessory in road construction, must meet the basic requirements of the market to the material itself. This requirement not only includes the aspects of the content of the package, but also the quality of performance, function and cost performance, and the road tile machine also needs to take into account the requirements of the sustainable development of the economy and the environment. Brick machines must meet the requirements for different types and functions, such as unburned raw coal, coal gangue, fly ash, slag, and other renewable energy. The road brick machine produced by Baoding Weiye municipal machinery plant completely satisfies the requirements above, and uses the production of my road brick machine company. The road brick machine produces the stone along the road. Its products also have the following advantages:
1. The pavement brick has high strength and long service life.
2. The stability of pavement brick is good, and it will not shrink or crack for long term use.
3. The thermal conductivity of pavement bricks is small and has good thermal insulation performance.
4. The heat storage coefficient of the pavement brick is large and the thermal stability is good.
5. Pavement brick construction is flexible, easy to maintain and basically does not require maintenance.
6. Road brick production will not produce unnecessary industrial waste.
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