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Start an concrete block factory is a popular project as the investment in this stage, when users in the purchase of concrete block machine, the main focus will be on the how to choose the right and suitable equipment, the quality of concrete block machine is important, of course, ancillary equipment, there are many items in the device, so the user when you purchase it, it’s can not be ignored, which is essential to a brick pallets, brick pallets we have to this example, a brief introduction;concrete block machine pellet
1. First, select the pallet material: Because the pallet and its important role in the whole production, which wear very serious, so resistant materials should be used, available high-quality steel, high speed steel (heat treated) or carbide and so on.
2. The pallet thickness measurement; pallets thickness to determine the thickness of the work piece diameter, typically smaller in diameter than the work piece thickness should be 1.5-2 mm.
3. The pallet angle selection: Ease rounded to the work piece and cut stress and conflict to force Work piece pallet, the pallet should be made of the upper plane of the inclined surface, grinding diameter and heavy work pieces, pallets the angle should be properly smaller. Typically pallet in the range of selection of the inclination angle 20 degrees -30 degrees.
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